Lærdommen om at omfavne frygt: Soulution eller hvordan vi kan lære at elske den – 22. marts 2015

**Title: The US Missile Defense in EU and Russia’s Response – Jan Oberg Speaks Out**


In this week’s episode of “SEHVAEF,” we delve into the major events of the past week. Our guest, Jan Oberg, a prominent figure from [Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research](, shares his insights on the conflict between the US and Russia regarding the upcoming missile defense system in Europe. Join us as we explore the perspectives on achieving a peaceful resolution to this contentious issue.

“SEHVAEF” is a program with an open journalistic approach that encourages citizen engagement. We believe in co-creation, where everyone’s voice matters. Produced by Christiania Tv, an independent and non-partisan media platform, our only agenda is the legalization of the Cannabis Plant.

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*Note: Authority links are provided for educational purposes and to credit the original source.*

Aktuelt Ugeprogram som debattere den forgangne uges begivenheder.

Ugens Gæst: Jan Oberg, – Giver sit syn på konflikten mellem USA kommende missilskjold i EU og Ruslands udmeldinger, samt tilgangen til en fredelig løsning.

“SEHVAEF” er et program med en åben-for-alle-borgere journalistisk tilgang hvor vi alle er med-skabende. Produceret af Christiania Tv – et frit-forum som er frit og uafhængigt medie, uden en skjult agenda andet end at legaliser Cannabis Planten.

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