La startup française EfficientIP s’assure 11 millions de dollars de Jolt Capital pour lutter contre les attaques DDoS

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**French startup EfficientIP secures $11M investment to combat DDoS attacks**

EfficientIP, a network security and automation specialist, has announced securing an impressive $11 million in a Series B investment from Jolt Capital in Paris. This significant investment will fuel their international expansion plans.

EfficientIP’s cutting-edge software identifies DNS issues, which are known to be the primary cause of DDoS attacks. As the largest types of attacks faced by networks, EfficientIP’s platform aims to enhance the reliability, agility, and security of IP infrastructure.

David Williamson, CEO of EfficientIP, expressed their excitement, stating, “This investment will accelerate our global expansion. The demand for DDI solutions in the market is growing rapidly, and we are well-positioned to capitalize on it. We will increase our sales force, further innovate to meet future customer needs, and Jolt Capital’s expertise in scaling tech companies globally makes them the perfect partner for our growth phase.”

In addition, EfficientIP plans to strengthen its partnership network with industry-leading companies like Cisco, VMware, and ServiceNow.

EfficientIP faces competition from prominent US firms such as Infoblox (with a valuation of $740 million and raised $120 million), BlueCat (also in the Series B stage), and NS1 (which recently raised $78 million in Series C).

Guillaume Girard, a Partner at Jolt Capital, shared their confidence in EfficientIP’s potential, stating, “We have been closely monitoring EfficientIP and are impressed with their consistent delivery of ambitious growth plans. With deep tech capabilities, a highly motivated team, and rapid market expansion with Fortune 500 customers, EfficientIP is poised for robust growth.”

To learn more about EfficientIP’s successful funding round and plans for the future, please visit the [full article on TechCrunch](

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French startup EfficientIP secures $11M from Jolt Capital to fight DDoS attacks

French startup, EfficientIP, a network security and automation specialist, has secured an $11 million Series B investment from Jolt Capital in Paris. The investment will drive international expansion.

EfficientIP’s software discovers the DNS issues which are the primary cause of DDoS attacks. These are typically the largest types of attacks.

It’s platform is designed to make the IP infrastructure foundation more reliable, agile and secure.

David Williamson, CEO of EfficientIP commented, “Today’s investment will enable us to accelerate our expansion on a global scale. The market opportunity for DDI solutions is growing, and we look forward to capitalizing by increasing our sales force to meet current demand, and driving further innovation that really matters to continue satisfying tomorrow’s customer needs. Given Jolt Capital’s strong record in scaling tech companies globally, they are the ideal partner to support this growth phase.”

EfficientIP will also now enhance its ecosystem partnerships with companies like Cisco, VMware and ServiceNow.

It competes with US firms like Infoblox ($740m valuation and raised $120m) and BlueCat (also Series B) and new player NS1 ($78m Series C).

Guillaume Girard, a Partner at Jolt Capital, commented: “We’ve been tracking EfficientIP for some time, and have been impressed with their continued ability to deliver on ambitious growth plans. EfficientIP fits perfectly in our target scope, combining deeptech assets enabling leading-edge solutions and a highly motivated top-tier team in a market which is expanding quickly. Given its increasing market footprint with Fortune 500 customers, EfficientIP is well poised for strong growth.”

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