Kima Venture’s Managing Partner, Jean de La Rochebrochard, is the Featured Guest in Episode 4 of “The Talent Podcast”.

# How to Build an Effective CEO Team: Tips from a Leading Investor

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to find the right team to help grow your business? Join Chloë Touati, founder of Authentic Talent, and Jean de La Rochebrochard, Managing Partner at Kima Ventures, as they discuss the critical role of a CEO’s entourage in building a successful company.

In this episode of the Authentic Talent podcast, the pair delve into the importance of complementarity and effective communication between a CEO and their inner circle, collaborators, and external advisors. You’ll learn practical tips on how to build and maintain these relationships, even as an entrepreneur facing isolation and tough decisions.

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Chloë Touati, fondatrice du cabinet de conseil en talent management Authentic Talent, reçoit Jean de La Rochebrochard, Managing Partner chez Kima Ventures, le fonds d’investissement de Xavier Niel.
Ensemble, ils abordent le sujet de l’entourage des CEO et de comment constituer des équipes dirigeantes complémentaires et efficaces.

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