Julia Hawkins, Partner at LocalGlobe, Explores the Risks and Rewards of Femtech.

**Title: LocalGlobe Partner Julia Hawkins on the Risks and Rewards of Femtech | TechCrunch Article**

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In this engaging TechCrunch interview, LocalGlobe partner Julia Hawkins delves into the world of femtech, examining the potential risks and rewards associated with investing in this burgeoning sector. She shares her bullish outlook on the category, shedding light on London-based seed fund LocalGlobe’s active involvement in supporting early-stage startups, particularly in the health and wellness space.

Hawkins provides valuable insights into femtech investing, drawing on the fund’s early backing of Ferly, a female-founded startup revolutionizing conversations around female sexual pleasure. Ferly’s subscription app serves as an audio guide for “mindful sex,” promoting self-discovery and empowering community. Its sex-positive content, backed by research and expertise, aims to redefine societal norms and foster a safe space for female sexuality.

This interview has been meticulously edited for length and clarity, ensuring a focused and informative discussion. For a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with femtech, and to explore LocalGlobe’s active role in shaping this sector, read the full **TechCrunch article** on [femtech’s risks and rewards](

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LocalGlobe partner Julia Hawkins discusses femtech’s risks and rewards

‘I think we’re still very bullish on the category in general’

London-based seed fund LocalGlobe is incredibly active at the early-stage end of the startup pipeline with a broad focus across multiple sectors and areas, including health.

We interviewed partner Julia Hawkins about the opportunities and risks related to femtech investing in light of the fund’s early backing for Ferly, a female-founded startup with a subscription app that describes itself as an audio guide to “mindful sex.”

The startup says its mission is to open up conversations around female sexual pleasure and create a place for self-discovery and empowering community – touting “sex-positive” content that it says is “backed by research, written by experts, and personalized to you.”

The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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