Jour fixe “Music and City”: Music Education Without Staff – Teacher Shortage in Berlin (September 12, 2022)

#### **Title:**
15. Jour fixe „Musik und Stadt”: Addressing the Teacher Shortage in Berlin’s Music Education

#### **Video Description:**
Welcome to the 15th episode of Jour fixe, a discussion series focused on “Music and City”. In this episode, we delve into the issue of the teacher shortage in Berlin’s music education system. Join us on Monday, September 12, 2022, at ALEX Berlin’s TV studio, where experts from various backgrounds share their insights and perspectives.

![ALEX Berlin](

**Featured Speakers:**
– Prof. Dr. Werner Beidinger, University of Potsdam
– Franziska Brychcy, Member of the Berlin House of Representatives (MdA)
– Prof. Julia Hülsmann, Deputy Director of the Music Pedagogy Institute at UdK
– Mark Rackles, Former State Secretary, Fellow at the Berlin Social Science Center
– Claudia Rocca, Music Teacher and Big Band Director at Berggruen-Gymnasium

Carl Parma, Landesmusikrat Berlin

This discussion focuses on key topics like music education in schools, the impact of the teacher shortage, and the future of music in our city.

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###### **Watch the full video** [here](video_link).

###### **Sources:**
– [ALEX Berlin](
– [University of Potsdam](
– [Berggruen-Gymnasium](school_link)
– [Berlin House of Representatives](representatives_link)
– [Berlin Social Science Center](center_link)

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15. Jour fixe „Musik und Stadt”:
Schulmusik ohne Personal – Lehrkräftemangel in Berlin
Montag, 12. September 2022
ALEX Berlin, Fernsehstudio

Prof. Dr. Werner Beidinger, Universität Potsdam
Franziska Brychcy, MdA, Bildungspolitische Sprecherin, Fraktion Die Linke
Prof. Julia Hülsmann, stellv. Leiterin des Musikpädagogik-Instituts der UdK
Mark Rackles, Staatssekretär a.D., Fellow am Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
Claudia Rocca, Musiklehrerin und Bigbandleiterin am Berggruen-Gymnasium

Moderation: Carl Parma (Landesmusikrat Berlin)

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