“Joining Forces: World Ventures and Humanity Unites Brilliance Combine”

# WorldVentures and Humanity Unites Brilliance Joining Hands for Humanitarian Aid

In this presentation video, recorded for the “Momentum” conference in Las Vegas Nevada in Jan 2011, World Ventures and Humanity Unites Brilliance joined hands to form one of the world’s largest humanitarian aid organizations. WorldVentures has been supporting its partners, including Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Texas Stampede foundation, the Nancy Lieberman foundation, and Hug it Forward, and has raised over a half-million dollars for these organizations through passionate commitments made by their dedicated members.

Now, with the aid of joining with Humanity Unites Brilliance, also known as Hub, WorldVentures has aligned itself with an esteemed community that has funded over 1.5 million dollars in humanitarian projects over the past few years. Hub has taken members of their community on voluntourism trips across the globe, from Kenya to South America, and from the United States to West Africa, where they have installed rain catchers providing clean water and funding micro-businesses with mothers in slums and war-torn emerging nations.

In line with its values, WorldVentures is leveraging the opportunity to unite with Hub and their respected personal development, transformational speakers, and humanitarian leaders, who are passionate about sharing their humanitarian experience and empowering people worldwide with financial independence. Together, they aspire to create more sustainable impact and fund more life-impacting projects that they could not have accomplished independently.

Through voluntourism efforts and their own ambition initiatives, they are all set to contribute more and more exciting ways to all the places that need attention, and while doing so, they also get to travel to five-star resorts and experience the wonders of the world. From ziplining through the Amazon, to teaching children to read and write in Ghana, WorldVentures and Hub’s united efforts are sure to make a huge difference.

Help us on our journey to creating better lives for people across the globe as we welcome Hub to the WorldVentures family of reps. Let’s keep making a living, living while making a living, giving!

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This was a fantastic project for all the right reasons. In this presentation video, assembled for the “Momentum” conference in Las Vegas Nevada in Jan 2011, World Ventures and Humanity Unites Brilliance announced their joining together to form one of the worlds largest humanitarian aid organizations.

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