Joe Concha suggests that Chris Christie’s main motivation for running is to bring about disruption.

**Title: Dissecting the GOP Race: Why Chris Christie’s Late Entry Raises Eyebrows**

In this insightful discussion on Sean Hannity’s show, friend and Fox and Friends Weekend co-host, Volcan Fox News contributor Joe Concha, breaks down the media’s biased coverage of the GOP race and the potential impact of Chris Christie’s late entry. With keywords/tags like “Sean Hannity” and “Chris Christie” associated with this video, we explore the fascinating dynamics at play and examine the likelihood of Christie making a mark in the race.

As Joe Concha highlights, the media’s evident disdain for Trump has spilled over to other Republican candidates like Ron DeSantis, fueling their efforts to stain and tarnish their images. Concha identifies Chris Christie and other establishment figures as the likely torchbearers of this criticism, positioning them as the pit bulls of the campaign.

However, Concha opines that Christie’s political clock may have wound back, pointing out that his popularity peaked during his tenure as Governor of New Jersey but quickly dissipated once he left office. In fact, recent polls have revealed a meager approval rating for Christie, raising questions about his true motivations for running. Is he purely a disruptor, seeking to cause chaos in the race rather than genuinely compete for the nomination?

With the Iowa caucuses and the first primary debate still months away, Concha believes that most GOP candidates, including Ron DeSantis, may not see significant movement until these milestones. But as he highlights, Trump’s large share of the pie could remain intact until it becomes a two-man race between him and DeSantis. Only then, in a true clash of contrasts, might DeSantis stand a fighting chance against the incumbent.

Concha also raises the question of whether candidates polling at low percentages will have the prudence to drop out rather than clinging onto their illusory hopes. The crucial litmus test lies in how candidates perform in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, and beyond. It is in these battleground states that the true measure of Trump and DeSantis’ support will be illuminated.

In an interesting twist, Concha suggests that Chris Christie’s decision to enter the race may have inspired Ron DeSantis, who perceives this as his moment to shine. But the public seems skeptical, with doubts lingering despite DeSantis’ successful track record in Florida.

While the outcome of future debates remains uncertain, Concha, along with Sean Hannity, acknowledges Trump’s past victories in these forums. As such, they cast doubt on whether any debate will significantly alter the current polling trends. The only plausible explanation for Christie and other contenders, like Mike Pence, joining the race may be an expectation of a potential bombshell that could upend the status quo. However, as Concha points out, Trump has weathered numerous investigations and controversies, emerging unscathed.

Tune in to this captivating discussion and gain valuable insights into the GOP race, the media’s biased coverage, and the enigmatic late entry of Chris Christie. While the outcome remains far from certain, this video sheds light on the compelling dynamics shaping the contest for the Republican nomination.

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Chris Christie is just running to be a ‘disruptor’: Joe Concha

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  1. A disruptor? Christie is the only GOP candidate who can bring the GOP back to reality. The other candidates, DeSantis, trump, and the rest of the backwards looking field are the true disruptors, because all they want to do is isolate and divide. Right now, Christie is the one to beat. As for your love for trump, he's an indicted criminal who stole Classified documents and was willing to watch the potential murder of the VP on January 6th. Who wants him handling Classified docs and who wants to elect a man who would destroy Democracy by orchestrating a coup? A traitor!

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