IXO Private Equity featured in Les Echos (Toulouse edition)

Ixo Private Equity recently raised a new fund of €3.25 billion in 2015 for capital development and investment in companies. In this video interview, we discuss how this fund is being utilized, including capital development and transmission operations.

Capital development involves supporting companies in expanding their business into new geographies or exploring new avenues. This can include acquiring competitors or third-party companies to diversify their operations.

In addition to this, the fund also focuses on assisting management teams who are considering the transmission of their company. Ixo can provide guidance and support throughout this phase, combining transmission strategies with capital development operations.

Startups often turn to alternative sources of financing, such as private equity, when traditional bank loans are not available. Ixo has already demonstrated its willingness to finance startups, including those in the South of France, like the well-known startup Si Knox. While there has not been a dedicated capital venture fund, some of the funds managed by Ixo can finance relatively young companies, including startups that are 5 to 8 years old.

For more information on Ixo Private Equity and their investment strategies, visit their [official website](

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Interview vidéo réalisée lors de la rencontre Les échos de la croissance le 8 Novembre 2016 à Toulouse

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