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## Congressman Brandon Boyle introduces Congressman Brennan So Fetterman [Transcript]

In this exclusive video, witness an intriguing moment as Congressman Brandon Boyle introduces his friend, Congressman Brennan So Fetterman. The event takes a hilarious turn when everyone bursts into awkward laughter, catching even Joe Biden’s attention. Watch the video now to experience this unforgettable moment firsthand.

## Congressman Boyle Bile, Congressman Brandon Boyle, and the Hilarious Introduction [Transcript]

In this must-watch video, Congressman Brandon Boyle takes the stage to introduce his friend, Congressman Brennan So Fetterman. The audience’s response, including an unexpected laughter outbreak, adds a comedic flair to the event. Even Joe Biden can’t help but join in on the amusement. Witness this entertaining incident yourself by watching the video now!

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– [Congressman Brandon Boyle](source_link_1)
– [Congressman Brennan So Fetterman](source_link_2)
– [Joe Biden](source_link_3)

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