Is the best value always obtained by early adopters?

## **Is It Worth Sticking with Early Adopter Pricing?**

In this video, Amer and Paul discuss the pros and cons of being a part of early adopter pricing in the digital age. They compare their experiences with Adobe and QuickBooks Online, where Amer enjoys the benefits of grandfathered pricing, while Paul sees a significant price hike for his subscription.

As a company, BattlBox also values the loyalty of their original customers, extending their special pricing from 2015. However, is sticking with early adopter pricing always the right move? Amer and Paul explore the factors that influence this decision.

With many SaaS and e-commerce platforms evolving and adjusting their pricing models over time, it’s important to consider your long-term interests as a customer. Are you aligned with businesses that prioritize customer experience and fair pricing, like American Express, or do you find yourself dealing with companies more akin to Comcast’s questionable practices?

Join Amer and Paul as they delve deeper into the complexities of early adopter pricing and discuss what it means for you as a consumer. Watch the video now to gain valuable insights into this topic.

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Amer has some awesome early adopter ‘grandfathered’ pricing from Adobe (I do not, must be nice). Paul has seen his QuickBooks Online go from $9 a month to $55. At BattlBox, we actually have some of our original customers from 2015 still active and we have them grandfathered into our original pricing. What’s the right move here?
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