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# **Investments and Exits in the Venture Capital Scene – Start-Up Insider Daily**

Welcome to Start-Up Insider Daily, your source for the latest news in investment and exits in the venture capital scene. In this episode, our host, Jan Thomas, sits down with Katharina Neuhaus, Principal at Vorwerk Ventures, to discuss current financing rounds and exits in the industry.


Today, we will be covering two exciting topics. First, we’ll dive into the recent financing round of Stoffels, a London-based company that aims to improve business transactions between companies and governments. This round raised an impressive 6.1 million euros and involved prominent investors such as Headline, GT Empfand Speedinvest FC Labs, and more [(source)](

Additionally, we will explore the digital dental practice, Laura, a Heidelberg-based start-up founded in 2020 by Philipp Haas and Daniel Wiens. Laura aims to enhance communication between dentists and patients through innovative digital solutions. The company recently secured 2.2 million euros in funding from well-known industry angels [(source)](

**About Vorwerk Ventures:**

Vorwerk Ventures is an independent venture capital fund with a strong focus on consumer-oriented digital companies. With a fund size of 150 million euros, Vorwerk Ventures emerged from the Vorwerk Group in late 2009. The fund’s mission is to support start-ups that have a positive impact on society and individuals.

**Guest Introduction:**

We are thrilled to have Katharina Neuhaus, Principal at Vorwerk Ventures, join us today. Katharina brings valuable insights and expertise in the venture capital landscape.

**Guest Host:**

Due to Jan Thomas’s absence, we have the pleasure of having Fabian Tausch, host of the Unicorn Battery Podcast, as our guest host for the next few episodes.

But before we dive into the conversation with Katharina, let’s take a moment to get to know Fabian and his background in the podcasting world [(source)](

**About Recap:**

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**Episode Transcript:**

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Join us for an insightful conversation with Katharina Neuhaus and our guest host, Fabian Tausch. Stay tuned for more updates on the venture capital scene, investments, and exits. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell for future episodes.

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