Investing in a Sustainable and Circular Bioeconomy: Transitioning from Start-up to Scale-up

## **New Kids on the Block: Investing in the Bioeconomy | Dr Michael Brandkamp | World Bio Markets 2022**

Welcome to the presentation by Dr Michael Brandkamp, Managing Director of ECBF (European Circular Bioeconomy Fund) at World Bio Markets 2022. As a startup in the bioeconomy sector, we are excited to announce that we have secured funding to launch our innovative product into the market. We are thrilled to have you as our partners and customers, as together we can develop the bioeconomy and scale up successful companies in this sector.

In spite of the current global crises, we believe that the time is ripe for the bioeconomy market for several reasons. Firstly, there is an increasing demand from customers for sustainable products that promote environmental well-being. Supermarkets are already showcasing new and diverse products that cater to this demand, which is a positive development for the environment.

Secondly, there is a significant push from the public side, as evidenced by initiatives such as the green deal and various grant programs. The political and regulatory frameworks are also evolving to support and encourage the bioeconomy sector.

Thirdly, Europe boasts world-class research and development capabilities, fostering great innovation and technological advancements. This positions us to utilize cutting-edge technology in achieving our bioeconomy goals.

Furthermore, investors have shifted their focus to considering the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria when making investment decisions. Failure to meet these criteria poses an additional risk for returns. This change in investor mindset has led to increased investment in the bioeconomy sector, such as our recent success in raising €300 million from ESG-focused investors.

While there are challenges to navigate, particularly given the high complexity of the bioeconomy sector, we are determined to adapt and overcome them. Factors such as feedstock availability and price developments, competition with fossil-based fuels and materials, research and development complexities, production setup, logistics, and sales all present unique challenges that we are prepared to face head-on. Collaborating with knowledgeable partners, like the investors gathered here, will be crucial in successfully navigating these complexities.

Despite the challenges, the opportunities in the bioeconomy sector are vast. The market is expanding rapidly, driven by consumer demand, regulatory advancements, and the potential for disruptive innovation. The bioeconomy market is estimated to be worth €2.4 trillion, with various specialized sub-sectors offering immense potential for growth. With the right market access and innovation, startups like ours can thrive and establish themselves as industry leaders.

To illustrate the possibilities, we have seen impressive success stories from companies like Oatly, known for its popular oat milk products that promote better health and environmental sustainability. Oatly’s revenue of €500 million and valuation of over €4 billion demonstrate the market potential within the bioeconomy sector. Additionally, textile recycling initiatives, such as the partnership between H&M and a Swedish company, underscore the viability of sustainable practices within the industry.

As ECBF, we have already invested in seven promising companies, ranging from vegan yogurt and milk produced from lupine crops to cutting-edge insect processing for the production of various bio-based materials. Moving forward, our fund aims to invest in a diverse range of bioeconomy sub-sectors across Europe, including agtech and food production, forestry and sustainable materials, and white biotech linked to personal care and textile recycling.

Throughout our investment journey, responsible investing and making a positive impact on the transformation towards a more bio-based circular economy are central to our mission. We are committed to aligning with environmental, social, and governance criteria to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and effect meaningful change. As an impact fund, we are proud to stand alongside other investors who share our commitment to driving positive change in the bioeconomy sector.

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*Source: [World Bio Markets 2022](source-link-here)*

A presentation by Dr Michael Brandkamp, Managing Director, ECBF (European Circular Bioeconomy Fund) at World Bio Markets 2022

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