Introduction to TECHNOFOUNDERS Startup Studio and its Startups

# Technofounders Startup Studio: Unlocking the Potential of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Welcome to Technofounders, the leading startup studio in the industry. In this video, we introduce you to the innovative companies under our umbrella, including Cerbair, NeoFarm, UV Boosting, Bliss Ecospray, DiGEiZ, Spinofrin, BioInspir, Laboratoires Bioprotection, Stimuli Technology, and ION-X.

As the French leader in anti-drone solutions, Cerbair aims to protect sensitive sites from the increasing drone threats. Using advanced technologies, we intercept and locate intruding drones and their operators, ensuring prompt action to neutralize potential attacks. With over six years of experience, Cerbair has successfully deployed its solutions worldwide, with a diverse clientele base.

NeoFarm revolutionizes urban agriculture by establishing compact, technology-driven farms near cities. We are committed to creating an efficient and sustainable model for organic and local vegetable production. By combining the benefits of agroecology and cutting-edge technology, we provide turnkey solutions for our partners, including local communities and farmers.

**UV Boosting:**
Our goal at UV Boosting is to empower producers to reduce their dependence on fungicides by enhancing the natural defense mechanisms of plants. Through the stimulation of plant defenses with our innovative flash VC technology, we deliver sustainable solutions for vineyards and strawberry growers. Having successfully tested our technology with over 70 users, we have plans to expand our presence beyond France, targeting markets in Italy, Spain, and California.

**Bliss Ecospray:**
Introducing Bliss Ecospray, a groundbreaking spraying system that revolutionizes plant protection. Our patented technology, a complete air enclosure, significantly reduces product drift and ensures precise and secure treatments in line with ecophyto plans. Our aim is to make this technology readily accessible to vineyard owners in 2022, minimizing the environmental impact of pesticide applications.

BioInspir responds to the pressing environmental crisis, offering an unprecedented solution in bio-sourced molecules. Leveraging extraordinary plant species, we develop 100% bio-sourced compounds with unique advantages in terms of decarbonization. With successful valorization of six different plant species and the production of 60 high-value biomolecules, we are driving a modern and sustainable chemistry.

Spinofrin specializes in the micronization of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Our avant-garde flash evaporation spray technology, protected by patents, enables us to obtain nanoparticles with a size of about a hundred nanometers. With a proven track record in transforming over 30 active ingredients, we provide research and development services to pharmaceutical companies while expanding our own product portfolio.

**STS Inique Technologie:**
STS Inique Technologie presents PetitPlus, a medical device addressing overactive bladder symptoms. Utilizing tibial nerve stimulation (TENS), PetitPlus has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in the treatment of this condition. With CE marking and reimbursements by the healthcare system, our device fills a crucial gap in patient care recommended by urologists.

DiGEiZ offers cutting-edge pedestrian and vehicle flow analysis for shopping centers in the digital age. By employing our in-house developed artificial intelligence, we provide comprehensive insights into foot traffic, enabling commercial spaces to adapt to evolving customer behavior. After years of research and development, our technology is already deployed in multiple centers, with ambitious expansion plans in place.

ION-X pioneers compact and highly efficient propulsion technology for small satellites. Developed at C2N laboratory and endorsed by renowned scientists, our propulsion system boasts exceptional compactness, versatility, and fuel efficiency. As we enter the industrialization phase, our goal is to launch the first satellite equipped with our propulsion system by the end of 2023.

Join us on this journey of innovation and discover the immense possibilities offered by Technofounders startup studio. Don’t miss out on the revolution happening right before your eyes.

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Présentation du startup studio Technofounders et des sociétés Cerbair, NeoFarm, UV Boosting, Bliss Ecospray, DiGEiZ, Spinofrin, BioInspir, Laboratoires Bioprotection, Stimuli Technology et ION-X.

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