Interview with Francisco Ferreira Pinto #6: Bynd – Startups in Search of Investors

## **Watch “Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto” | Insights for Startups and Investors**

In this sixth episode of “Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto,” Bynd’s Partner & Executive Director shares valuable insights for startups seeking new investors. Francisco discusses the key factors and considerations that startups should prioritize when engaging with potential investors.

This engaging discussion is part of an eight-part series compiled from an interview with ScaleUp Portugal. Gain deeper understanding of the startup ecosystem and discover how you can effectively collaborate with Bynd Venture Capital.

Join Francisco Ferreira Pinto as he provides expert advice and guidance for navigating the investor landscape. Learn how to identify the right investor for your startup and optimize your chances for success.

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– 0:00 Introduction
– 0:45 Key insights for startups seeking investors
– 2:30 Understanding the startup ecosystem
– 4:15 Collaborating with Bynd Venture Capital

Transcript of the video:
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– ScaleUp Portugal: [Authority Source](
– Bynd Venture Capital: [Website](

Enjoy this insightful episode and gain valuable knowledge to elevate your startup to new heights!

In the sixt episode of “Talks with Francisco Ferreira Pinto”, Bynd’s Partner & Executive Director gives his insights on what startups should seek when talking with new investors.

This 8 part series was compiled from an interview with ScaleUp Portugal where our partner Francisco gave his insights on the ecosystem and how you can work with Bynd Venture Capital!


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