Interview with Fabien Prévost – President of Omnès Capital

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**[Video Title] – Promoting Gender Diversity in Investment Firms: An Interview with Fabien Prévost**

In this insightful interview, Fabien Prévost, President of Omnes, a leading French investment group, opens up about the progress made towards achieving gender diversity within his company. As a signatory of the Chart of France I and the CITES agreement, Fabien shares Omnes’ commitment to promoting gender equality and creating inclusive work environments in the investment industry.

### Key Topics Discussed:

– Omnes’ current status on gender diversity within its board of directors and workforce
– Challenges faced in finding women partners in the investment industry
– Omnes’ plans to expand the base of female partners through internal promotions and training
– Exploring the possibility of recruiting external talent to accelerate the process
– The role of women in the companies where Omnes invests and the need for greater representation
– Fabien’s perspective on government-mandated quotas and the importance of fostering a culture of inclusion

### Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:12 Gender Diversity at Omnes
02:45 Challenges in Finding Women Partners
04:26 Expanding the Base of Female Partners
06:10 Investing in Companies with Female Leadership
08:02 Fabien’s View on Quotas
10:14 Closing Thoughts

Watch the full interview to gain valuable insights into the investment industry’s efforts to promote gender diversity and inclusion. Be inspired by Omnes’ commitment to empowering women in finance and learn how you can make a difference in your organization.

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