[Interview] William Peres, CEO of Serious Factory, shares insights with CapDecisif Management

**Title: Enhancing Learning with Serious Factory’s Immersive Digital Learning Solutions**

Welcome to Serious Factory, a leading company in the field of digital learning. In this video, we will explore the concept of immersive learning and how Serious Factory specializes in acquiring and developing skills through digital tools[^1^].

Traditional forms of learning focused on acquiring knowledge through information retrieval. However, Serious Factory recognized the need for a more immersive approach to learning, where individuals learn by doing, either in real-life situations or through virtual environments[^2^].

As experts in this field, Serious Factory has established itself as one of the market leaders in skill acquisition through digital tools[^3^]. In this video, we will discuss the motivations behind the company’s shift towards entrepreneurship and its transition from service provider to software editor[^4^].

Serious Factory’s virtual training suite software has allowed individuals and organizations to transmit knowledge and skills, empowering them to create and customize their own learning experiences[^5^]. The software’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of learning needs, from rapid mobile learning to complex business simulations[^6^].

Immersive learning, or serious games, offers a more engaging and interactive learning experience compared to passive consumption of educational content. By simulating real-life scenarios, individuals can develop the necessary skills required for their specific roles[^7^].

Serious Factory’s software solutions cater to a diverse client base, offering options for both detailed and concise learning experiences. Whether you need to train a few individuals or a billion, Serious Factory’s virtual training suite can deliver customized content with precision and efficiency[^8^].

Join us in exploring the world of immersive digital learning with Serious Factory. Discover how their solutions can transform your learning and development strategies, ensuring long-lasting skill acquisition and growth[^9^].

For more information, visit Serious Factory’s website: [](

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