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In this episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Rasmus Rothe, the founder of Merantix, a Berlin-based AI company builder. Rasmus is a leader in the AI space, with 5 products solely based on machine learning. We discussed various topics including:

– The process of productizing and commercializing a machine learning-based service, and how to make it profitable.
– The importance of ML ops and managing machine learning models in production.
– A comparison of Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure, and why Rasmus doesn’t stick to one platform.
– The applications of AI in the medical field, autonomous driving, and business intelligence.
– Rasmus’ go-to resources for libraries, ML ops, and conferences.

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Let’s dive into the conversation with Rasmus and gain valuable insights into AI and machine learning in 2021. Rasmus is a key figure in Germany’s AI ecosystem, pushing for growth and education in the field. He shares his experience as the founder of Merantix, a venture studio building AI-first companies. Through a unique incubation process, they validate business cases and fund promising ventures. Rasmus also discusses the AI Composite Campus, a collaborative space for AI companies in Germany. The campus, a not-for-profit project, aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among AI enthusiasts.

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Rasmus’s journey into AI started in his early years when he was enrolled in a mathematical science program. Participating in science competitions sparked his fascination with building intelligent systems. He developed projects such as an autonomous guitar tuner, cleaning robots, and even an operating system for mobile robots. This passion led him to study computer science and pursue a PhD in computer vision and deep learning. However, after delving deep into the research, Rasmus realized that he wanted to have a more practical impact on the AI industry. This realization led to the birth of Merantix and his focus on building AI applications that make a difference.

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Join us as we explore Rasmus’s journey and his insights into the exciting world of AI and machine learning. Stay tuned for more episodes of the Alphalist Podcast, where we bring you top experts in the field.

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(Source: [Alphalist Podcast](

We spoke to Rasmus Rothe, leader in AI space- he has 5 products just based on machine learning.
– What is involved in productising and commercialising a machine learning-based service 📈➡️💰
– The need for ML ops 👨‍💻
– Google Cloud vs AWS vs Azure and why he doesn’t stick to one ☁️
– AI and its applications in medical field ⚕️, autonomous driving 🚘and BI 📊
+ His go-to resources for libraries, ML ops and conferences

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