Importance of Strong Flood Management Infrastructure in Urban Areas

**Dimapur Continues To Face Major Flood Challenge | Unpredictable & Intractable Floods Cause Damage to Properties & Health Hazards**


In this video, we highlight the ongoing flood challenge in Dimapur after heavy showers on June 24. Despite efforts to address the issue, improper drainage systems and encroachment remain major causes of the recurring problem. The flood situation continues to be unpredictable and intractable, resulting in significant damage to properties and health hazards.

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# Full Video Transcript

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Dimapur Continues To Face Major Flood Challenge After Witnessing Heavy Showers On June 24. While Improper Drainage & Encroachment Continues To Be Major Cause, Flood Continues To Be Unpredictable & Intractable With Damage Of Properties & Health Hazards




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