Imperiales Wheels : The Region’s Investment Should Also Bring Long-Term Benefits.

**Intervention d’Aymeric Compain en Session Plénière du Conseil du 15-12-2022**

In this video, Aymeric Compain takes the floor and delivers a powerful speech during the Plenary Session of the Council. He discusses the necessity of supporting the local economy, protecting jobs, and promoting a sustainable future. Compain emphasizes the importance of having a long-term vision and strategy to address the challenges faced by businesses in the region.

One key topic raised is the need to avoid continuously socializing losses and privatizing profits. When investing in companies, it is crucial to ensure that the benefits extend not only to the territories, employees, and the enterprise itself, but also to the communities and their goals for ecological and energy transition.

Compain acknowledges that when businesses become less competitive, investments tend to decrease, leading to further decline and eventual job losses. Taking a calculated risk, he believes it is necessary to project into areas like recycling and other sustainable practices, to secure the future of employment.

Furthermore, Compain expresses the importance of collaboration, suggesting that individuals such as Vice President Monsieur Godet can bring valuable perspectives to the table, aligning with the region’s overall vision. By presenting alternative proposals that are coherent and supportive of the company’s transformation, they can create a positive impact.

This video captures an insightful intervention that explores the challenges, prospects, and necessary steps towards a resilient and sustainable future. Watch now to gain valuable insights from Aymeric Compain’s speech.

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Intervention d’Aymeric Compain en Session Plénière du Conseil du 15-12-2022 (après celle d’un membre du RN)

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