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“Behind the Scenes of My Latest Book: The Engineering Executive’s Primer”

In the fast-growing world of Silicon Valley, engineering has always been at the forefront of innovation and progress. To help budding engineering managers, Will Larson has published two books – “An Elegant Puzzle” and “Staff Engineer” – allowing them to explore the lessons he has learned firsthand. And now, he steps into the executive world, with his latest release, “The Engineering Executive’s Primer”.

Creating “The Engineering Executive’s Primer”

Published via O’Reilly’s website, “The Engineering Executive’s Primer” is Larson’s latest book, set to be available with a published copy by June 2024. Previously, Larson worked in an executive role at Calm, where he found many talented individuals unsure about their roles. Determined to help them, Larson set out to answer the many questions facing engineering executives, from working with CEOs to planning engineering resources, by writing his latest book.

The Journey Thus Far

It was in 2019 that Larson first worked with Stripe Press, releasing his debut book, “An Elegant Puzzle”, which shared lessons he had learned during his time as an engineering manager. The book was a great success, inspiring Larson to learn the art of self-publishing his second book, “Staff Engineer”, which shared the many experiences of those in Staff-plus engineering roles.

A Public Writing Process

As he did with his previous two books, Larson is writing “The Engineering Executive’s Primer” publicly. Visitors to his blog can read early drafts of each chapter, although these early drafts are subject to change. Feedback on these drafts, along with extensive editing and technical review, will contribute to the final printed book.

The Future

While Larson has received queries regarding his plans for writing about infrastructure engineering, his focus remains on “The Engineering Executive’s Primer”. He intends to finish writing the book by 2023 and hopes to have the printed book available by June 2024. He plans to resume writing about infrastructure engineering after his latest book is published, with a release date of 2025 or 2026 projected.


With “The Engineering Executive’s Primer”, Will Larson effectively shares his experience and wisdom, providing insights into the unique challenges faced by engineering executives. By writing publicly, he invites readers to experience his writing process as he shares these valuable insights. For people considering a career in engineering management, Larson’s books provide a unique and detailed perspective, making them essential reads for anyone planning to embark on such a career.

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