How to Successfully Raise Funds for Your Marketplace: Insights from Philip Specht of Speedinvest x and Justin Da Rosa of Battery Ventures

Learn how to take your marketplace fundraising efforts from good to great with this insightful session from Philip Specht, Principal at Speedinvest Network Effects, and Justin Da Rosa, VP at Battery Ventures. As experienced investors who have evaluated hundreds of marketplaces each year, Philip and Justin share their observations and best practices to help position your company in an even better light.

This session is perfect for marketplace entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts who are interested in exchanging knowledge and best practices. The Marketplace Conference, where this session took place, is the go-to event for all things marketplaces and network effects.

In this video, Philip and Justin cover the three stages of fundraising – precede, early, and growth – and provide eight actionable ideas for each stage. They cover topics such as market sizing, competitive analysis, problem validation, and product development.

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From good to great: How to ace your marketplace fundraise
– Philip Specht, Principal, Speedinvest Network Effects
– Justin Da Rosa, VP, Battery Ventures

The Marketplace Conference Online December 2020
The Marketplace Conference is an event focused on all things marketplaces & network effects, uniting marketplace entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. It provides a platform for exchanging knowhow and best practices and attracts entrepreneurs and investors of all stages.


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