How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value in Difficult Times: Ep 155 of the Commerce Code

**[[Title: How to Grow Customer Lifetime Value in Challenging Times | Commerce Code Podcast]]**


Welcome to this week’s episode of Commerce Code, a bi-weekly digital Commerce podcast where industry leaders discuss strategies for growing customer lifetime value (CLV) during challenging times. In this episode, we have a conversation with Ivan Schwartz and James Trocme from Points4Purpose and Aaron Dauphinee from The Wise Marketer.

Points4Purpose is a well-established ‘plug-and-play’ loyalty platform in cause-related marketing, known for their success in the Australian market. Excitingly, they are now expanding their operations to North America, with a launch event scheduled for June 1st in Manhattan at the Australian Trade Commission.

During this conversation, we dive deep into understanding the evolving consumer landscape in 2023 compared to previous years, and explore the tools and strategies that can effectively engage these consumers. We also discuss the importance of customer loyalty and how merchants can extend the lifetime value of their customer relationships. Additionally, we analyze the patterns and points redemption indicators that are indicative of long-term CLV.

If you’re interested in learning more about growing customer lifetime value and want to gain valuable insights from industry experts, this podcast episode is for you.

Register for the Points4Purpose launch event in North America [here]( and join the conversation with Commerce Code and the digital Commerce Alliance.

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This week on Commerce Code we have a conversation about growing CLV during challenging times. We speak with Ivan Schwartz and James Trocme of Points4Purpose and Aaron Dauphinee of The Wise Marketer. Points4Purpose is a ‘plug-and-play’ loyalty platform in cause-related marketing and a longstanding player in the Australian market. Points4Purpose is launching in North America this summer, with a launch event on June 1st in Manhattan at the Australian Trade Commission.

You can register for this event using this link:

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