How to Apply and Join the Altair Channel Partner Program

# Altair Channel Partners: Powering Success in Global Markets

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Altair is not just a global company; we have built a vast network of channel partners that resell our suite of software solutions[^1^]. Our channel partners deliver the most comprehensive set of solutions to the market, making them vetted, proven leaders in their fields[^1^]. With their expertise, we leverage our customers’ businesses and help propel them forward.

Our channel partners play a pivotal role in our success, and they are more than just resellers. They support our customers’ growth, ensure reasonable margins, and provide exceptional technical support[^1^]. We prioritize our customers by actively listening to their needs and collaborating with our partners to create tailored solutions[^1^].

**Why Choose Altair Channel Partners?**

– Access to a broad range of simulation tools under one licensing set
– Complementary software that maximizes the utility of our existing tools
– Support in business growth and margin expansion
– Reliable technical assistance and support availability
– Partner commitment and a partnership that fosters growth and success

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We take pride in nurturing strong partnerships that evolve over time. Many of our channel partners have been with us for over a decade, initially knowing nothing about Altair but growing with us, acquiring new skills, and reaching new heights[^1^]. We believe in the power of actively listening to our partners, understanding their pain points, and providing unwavering support to both the partner and the end client[^1^].

**Become an Altair Channel Partner**

If you are interested in joining our network of successful channel partners, contact us [here]( to explore exciting opportunities[^1^].

Success of our channel partners leads to our success. Together, we can create a dynamic and thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

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Altair is not just a global company, we have an extensive global network of channel partners who resell Altair’s suite of software solutions. Our channel partners deliver the most comprehensive set of solutions to the market. They are vetted, proven leaders whose expertise we leverage to help our customers go forward.
Learn more from them, on why they are successful with Altair.
Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us here:

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