How Landmark Group Utilizes Technology and Consumer Data to Maintain a Competitive Edge

**Title: Leveraging Technology and Consumer Data for Competitive Advantage | Interview with Mr. Vikram Idnani, CIO of Landmark Group**


In this insightful interview with ETRetail, Mr. Vikram Idnani, CIO of Landmark Group, discusses the strategic utilization of technology and consumer data to gain a competitive edge in the retail industry. He sheds light on the remarkable growth of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands in recent years and the key factors contributing to their success.

The emergence of D2C brands during the pandemic is one significant phenomenon explored in this interview. These brands have captured the market by tailoring their products to address specific customer needs within their communities. Moreover, Idnani highlights the Indian consumer’s growing openness to experimentation, which has provided a significant boost to D2C brands.

Government initiatives promoting manufacturing in India, coupled with the convenience offered by social commerce platforms, have created a favorable environment for D2C brands to thrive. Idnani emphasizes the expansion of D2C brands into tier two and three cities, as well as offline presence, as the new battleground for competition in the industry.

To stay competitive, Landmark Group leverages its existing physical presence and harnesses digital channels to ensure nationwide delivery in the shortest possible time. The focus has shifted to omni-channel fulfillment, combining physical and digital capabilities to meet customer expectations effectively.

The interview also delves into Landmark Group’s unique customer base, including lifestyle, Max, Easy Buy, Home Center, and Spa. Idnani highlights the significance of cross-pollination between these formats, leveraging customer data to enhance targeting and campaign effectiveness. The group is investing in a customer data platform that provides a holistic view of each customer, supported by machine learning models and personalized campaigns.

In terms of supply chain management, Landmark Group is re-architecting its tech landscape to enable common logistics platforms. This streamlining process aims to benefit from economies of scale, resulting in faster deliveries and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Stay informed with Mr. Vikram Idnani as he offers valuable insights into staying ahead of the competition by harnessing technology and consumer data.




[ETRetail: Mr. Vikram Idnani Interview](source_link)

In a chat with ETRetail, Mr. Vikram Idnani, CIO of Landmark Group sheds light on the usage of technology and consumer data to stay ahead of the competition. He also discusses about growth of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands in past few years.

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