GOP Senators Emphasize Significance of Dependable Broadband Access in Rural Regions

**Title: Republican Senators Discuss the Importance of Broadband Reliability | Forbes**


In this video, Republican senators take to the Senate floor to discuss the crucial issue of broadband reliability, particularly in rural America. The importance of broadband access is evident, as it correlates with more jobs, economic growth, better healthcare outcomes, and improved educational performance. Lack of access to quality broadband not only affects individuals, families, schools, and businesses locally but also weakens our nation in the face of economic and security challenges.

Congress has allocated significant resources to bridge the digital divide, but accurate broadband maps are critical to appropriately allocate these funds. The accuracy of these maps, provided by the FCC, is essential to ensure that areas in need receive the necessary resources to increase broadband access. The FCC maps have gone through improvements, and continued oversight will be necessary to enhance their accuracy.

To ensure that investments are appropriately targeted, legislation has been introduced to discourage overbuilding existing networks and to incentivize broadband providers’ participation. It is crucial that every dollar allocated to broadband deployment goes directly to its intended purpose and not back to the treasury. Taxing broadband grants as income would hinder communities from connecting and remaining disconnected.

Senator [NAME] highlights the importance of preserving the small-town Kansas way of life and working with federal and state officials to connect rural Kansans to quality broadband services. Similarly, Senator [NAME] emphasizes the digital divide’s impact on rural Americans in North Carolina and the need for common-sense broadband deployment without partisan distractions.

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Republican senators took to the Senate floor on Wednesday to discuss the importance of broadband reliability.

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  1. Verizon is a monopoly. In my area. N. Idaho, Verizon charges the same fee to those who suffer from 'Fringe Coverage' severely limiting the reliability, strength of signal and overall performance of their service as it charges patrons who live in areas where Verizons infrastructure can better deliver the services as advertised. Perhaps if there was competition or other broadband providers in this area, it would challenge Verizon to invest in infrastructure in these 'Fringe Areas' giving customers a comparable experience and value others in adequately equipped areas enjoy

  2. So, they will realize that Fiber Optic cables is NOT the way to go, and then see that Satelite is the ONLY viable economic and practical solution.
    After that the Democrats will fight tooth and nail against it because it will mean everyone going to use Starlink = arch nemesis, Far Right extremist and (spit!) Billionaire free speech advocate – Elon Musk!!!

  3. We had fiber optic installed on our road here in Gadsden County Florida over 10 years ago thanks to millions of taxpayer dollars though the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and it's STILL SITTING THERE UNUSED. I asked our phone company when they are hooking us up and they said that they were just paid to install the fiber, not to actually hook it up. 💸

  4. every time it rains here (substantial rains) I lose my internet! I had the technician in and he told me the problem (even though I pay for the best that I can get) it is the copper wiring used (I have been waiting for fiberoptic) now every time it even drizzles I wind up having dropouts !! this is bullspit!!

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