Google OAuth Consent Screen Grant for bValue

# OAuth Grant Process: How to Create an Event and Save it on Google Calendar

If you’ve ever wondered how to properly navigate the OAuth grant process, this video is for you! Follow along as we guide you step-by-step through the authorization process and show you how to create an event on our platform and save it on Google Calendar.

At minute 01:40, we provide an in-depth walkthrough of the process, including a visual representation of the necessary steps. Through this video, you’ll learn how to choose the correct account and avoid any potential pitfalls that users may encounter when creating an event.

To begin, we start by removing the chest and confirming the account. From there, we take you on a journey to create an event on our desk booking calendar. We show you how to choose a desk, save your event on our platform, and then link it to your Google Calendar.

One of the most noteworthy challenges our users face is a lack of trust in performing this task. That’s why we’ve created this video to alleviate those concerns and make the authorization process less intimidating.

By watching this in-depth video, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the OAuth grant process and feel confident in creating an event and saving it on Google Calendar. Get started by clicking the play button, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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Shows the OAuth grant process that users will go through find it ad minute: 01:40

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