Goodbye SDN 2 Padasuka: A Farewell to Primary School

### Welcome to “Paturay Timun: Graduation and Promotion Ceremony – Class 6 and Grade 1 to Now”

In this heartwarming event, we proudly present the graduation and promotion ceremony for Class 6 students and Grade 1 students till now. With a total of 324 participants, including past graduates, we are thrilled to have the presence of esteemed guests such as the village head, community leaders, and members of the school committee.

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This event holds great importance as it allows parents to witness and acknowledge the remarkable achievements of their children. By attending this ceremony, parents can gain deeper insights into their child’s potential, building trust and confidence in our educational institution.

Our esteemed guest, Mr. Sukria, the Principal of our school, is here to support and celebrate this significant milestone in each student’s educational journey.

Join us in this memorable occasion, cherishing the successes of our future leaders and fostering a strong bond between families and the school.

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