Get to Know Malcolm Ferguson, Manager at Octopus Ventures: Leading Investments in Depop, ManyPets, and Cazoo

**Title: Understanding Octopus Titan VCT – A Conversation with Malcolm Ferguson of Octopus Ventures**

**Introduction:** In this insightful interview, Jonathan Moyes from Wealth Club sits down with Malcolm Ferguson, a partner at Octopus Ventures and the lead fund manager of Octopus Titan VCT, the UK’s largest Venture Capital Trust. They discuss the current economic landscape, the potential opportunities in a recession, and the impact of stock market movements on VCTs and their portfolio. Malcolm also provides valuable insights into Octopus Ventures and its investments in companies like Depop, Zoopla, and ManyPets.

**About Octopus Ventures and Octopus Titan VCT**

Octopus Ventures, established in 2007, is renowned for managing Octopus Titan VCT, the largest VCT in the UK market with an impressive asset value of £1.2 billion[^1^]. This VCT focuses on investing in technology and technology-enabled companies based in the UK[^1^]. With a team dedicated to different sectors, including deeptech, fintech, health, consumer, and B2B software, Octopus Ventures aims to deliver generalist exposure through specialist expertise[^1^].

**Investing in Promising Startups**

Octopus Titan VCT seeks to invest in seed and Series A stage companies, primarily in fintech, deeptech, health, consumer, and B2B software sectors[^1^]. The key factor in their investment decisions is the quality of the founder, who plays a crucial role in driving the success of the business[^1^]. While serial founders with a proven track record are preferred, Octopus Ventures also backs individuals who have gained valuable experience working closely with successful founders or professionals with unique ideas waiting to be realized[^1^].

**Recent Success Stories in Octopus Titan VCT**

Over the past year, Octopus Titan VCT has invested in 35 new companies, showcasing their commitment to supporting promising startups[^1^]. Examples of recent investments include Minimum, a company dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of large organizations through tracking, benchmarking, and sustainability reports[^1^]. Another intriguing investment is Tatum, a tech-enabled business that facilitates cheaper and faster development of blockchain applications[^1^].

**Sourcing Investments and Expertise**

Octopus Ventures, with its vast network and industry knowledge, has the advantage of sourcing potential investments from a variety of channels[^1^]. The team actively scouts the UK market, seeking out the best entrepreneurs and startups that align with their focus areas[^1^]. This proactive approach allows them to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and promising ventures.

**Conclusion: Why Consider Octopus Titan VCT?**

Experienced investors seeking exposure to the potential growth of technology and technology-enabled companies in the UK should consider Octopus Titan VCT. With a track record of success and a diverse portfolio of investments in companies like Depop, Zoopla, and ManyPets, Octopus Ventures has positioned itself as a trusted partner in the venture capital space. By investing in Octopus Titan VCT, investors can gain access to generalist exposure through specialist expertise, along with the potential for capital appreciation and annual dividends[^1^].


[^1^] [Octopus Titan VCT | Wealth Club](

How does the manager of the UK’s largest Venture Capital Trust view 2022 and the change in the economic landscape? In what ways could a UK recession bring opportunity? How do moves in the main stock market affect VCTs and their portfolio? We spoke to Malcolm Ferguson of Octopus Ventures – the backer of Depop, Zoopla, WaveOptics, Cazoo and ManyPets – about Octopus Titan VCT and the companies in its portfolio.

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In this interview:
0:00 About Octopus Ventures
0:51 What is Octopus Titan VCT?
1:30 What type of companies does Octopus Ventures invest in?
2:44 Three types of founders the VCT likes
3:45 Investing in Minimum (carbon footprint measurement and reduction)
4:37 Investing in Tatum (blockchain application development tool)
5:19 How does Octopus Ventures source its investments?
6:30 Investing in Skin+Me (personalised skincare)
7:31 Investing in Big Health (digital health app)
8:35 Investing in ManyPets (top five insurer in the UK)
9:03 “The funding is the easy bit” – what other support do founders get?
10:50 Three core KPIs in venture capital
11:35 What happens in a recessionary environment that benefits early stage?
13:09 How much cash runway is there in the portfolio?
14:08 How have valuations been affected this year?
15:29 “A drastic shift in the mindset“ – what’s changed in venture capital in 2022?
16:35 How high are the risks for early stage investing?
17:53 Exits – Depop, WaveOptics, Glofox
19:30 Performance, public markets and Cazoo
20:32 Dividend target
21:18 Ultimately why should experienced investors consider Octopus Titan VCT?

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The opinions expressed in this video are the interviewee’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Wealth Club Limited. This interview, like our service, is not advice and the products featured are not suitable for everyone. VCTs are higher risk and less liquid than mainstream investments. You could lose your capital. Tax rules can change and tax benefits depend on your circumstances. If you’re unsure an investment is right for you, please seek professional advice.

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