Get Introduced to the Future Stars of 2023!


Welcome to the GP Bullhound Future Stars program! 🚀

We are thrilled to have successfully concluded the third edition of Future Stars, our internship program designed to provide students worldwide with an immersive experience in the technology sector within an Investment Bank. Throughout the past week, we had the pleasure of hosting 30 talented students from around the globe at our Paris, London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Manchester offices.

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In this video, we bring you insights and highlights from the program, featuring testimonials from some of our brilliant Future Stars participants:

– Elliot shares his exciting experience in learning about M&A and getting immersed in the world of investment banking.

– Julie talks about the fantastic exposure she gained and the level of accessibility to senior team members, making it a truly inclusive environment.

– Gigi expresses her gratitude for the friendly and knowledge-sharing community, where everyone is passionate about helping you grow.

– Queenie shares her enthusiasm for the valuable insights gained during the program, especially in understanding outdated technology trends and learning from successful entrepreneurs.

– Lucas reflects on his valuable encounters and the eye-opening view into the life of an investment banker, while enjoying collaboration with other Future Stars.

– Archie highlights the connections built, from interns to partners, and the sense of unity within the Future Stars program.

– Natalie emphasizes the unique opportunity to work closely with GP Bullhound and entrepreneurs, gaining profound insights into the tech and investment banking industries.

– Cameron appreciates the detailed information provided by the ID side of GP Bullhound and the chance to learn more about asset management.

– Max expresses gratitude to the team for their kindness and thorough responses to all their questions, as well as the opportunity to go through an Exon model.

This incredible program has provided Future Stars participants with a firsthand understanding of the dynamic tech industry and the rewarding world of investment banking. Through engaging with inspiring entrepreneurs and the passionate team at GP Bullhound, students gain valuable insights and knowledge that will shape their careers.

We highly recommend the Future Stars program to those who are passionate about the tech industry and seeking a dynamic workspace. Join us for an immersive experience that will empower you to make a difference in the world of technology and investment banking.

Stay tuned for the next edition of GP Bullhound Future Stars! 🌟


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It has been great sharing our passion for tech with them and what it is like to work at an Investment Bank within the technology sector. Congrats to all participants, and looking forward to the 2024th edition! 🚀

Proud to have closed an incredible third edition of GP Bullhound Future Stars. For the past week, 30 students worldwide joined our Paris, London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Madrid and Manchester offices.

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