George Henry, from LocalGlobe, moderates Redsky’s Q&A Session

Welcome to Debut Sessions! In this video, we have an exclusive interview with Charles, the founder of Red Sky Foods. As a seed stage firm based in London, Local Globe is excited to showcase the story behind this innovative company.

Charles shares his journey, starting from his career in consulting at OCNC, a retail consulting company in London[^1^]. After realizing the lack of impact in the consulting industry, Charles was drawn to the startup scene, specifically the frontier mentality of startups in 2015-2016[^2^].

During his time exploring different approaches in the startup world, Charles discovered his interest in the food sector. The low barriers to entry and the opportunity for innovation intrigued him[^3^]. Eventually, Charles joined forces with a managing director named Ian to create Batch Organics, a direct-to-consumer ready meal business that focused on frozen smoothies and breakfasts[^4^].

While Batch Organics faced challenges with retaining customers and building a subscription model, they found success by partnering with renowned companies like Planet Organic, House, and Leon[^4^]. Now, Red Sky Foods is a profitable company working with various customers on the UK high street, providing smoothie kits and purchasing ingredients in bulk from different wholesalers and farms worldwide[^5^].

Charles recognized a gap in the food industry where innovation lacked at the wholesale stage. Traditional wholesalers only skimmed the surface and missed opportunities for value-added services[^6^]. This realization led to Charles’s vision of an online platform that connects farms, food manufacturers, and customers, enabling efficient transactions and the potential for additional services such as financing and testing[^7^].

At Red Sky Foods, the workflow for ordering ingredients and raw materials is carefully managed, considering the seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables[^8^]. With this comprehensive approach, Red Sky Foods aims to revolutionize the food industry by adding value at the core of transactions.

Join us in this intriguing interview as Charles dives deeper into the founding story, challenges, and future plans for Red Sky Foods. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey!

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