Founder-Product Fit and the Significance of Trust: A Presentation by Mark Suster.

Revolutionizing Customer Acquisition with Trust

Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of many startups, from e-commerce to gaming and marketplace companies. These startups often allocate a significant portion of their marketing budget to social media channels since that is where the customers are. However, customer acquisition is becoming more challenging and expensive. Despite the sustained growth in digital advertising, there are no tools that provide marketers with a comprehensive understanding of their performance and spend across different channels. Trust, a new platform, aims to change that.

The Challenges of Customer Acquisition

Startups face many challenges when it comes to customer acquisition. E-commerce and direct-to-consumer businesses, for example, have grown exponentially, leading to higher demand. Additionally, platforms are under increased pressure to facilitate acquisition at scale while navigating a privacy-restricted world. Companies like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter reported rapid growth in year over year advertising revenue, but customer acquisition remains challenging.

Introducing Trust

Trust aims to help marketers make the most of their marketing investment by providing analytics and a community of executives to share best practices. It acts as Bloomberg for marketers, giving smaller companies and teams as much firepower as larger organizations to help them optimize spend across channels and identify new, high-performing opportunities. Trust offers aggregated, anonymized competitive benchmarking, market-level performance data across major social and ad platforms, as well as curated news and conversation from industry leaders.

Trust Virtual Card

Trust is also launching the Trust virtual card, which funnels credits and preferred billing to any business and allows them to increase their marketing buying power by up to 20x while receiving 45-day payment terms for all their marketing investments.

Why Invest in Trust?

Trust is led by CEO and co-founder James Borow, who led Snap’s global programmatic ads platform and grew the self-service ads revenue from 0 to $1B+ over three years. Borow and his co-founders understand how hard it is for companies to invest in marketing and how opaque the platforms can be for advertisers. They founded Trust out of a direct desire to reshape marketing and ad-spend dynamics for the people building businesses.

As a VC, one of the keys to investing in any new product is “product-founder fit.” James and his team have the unique set of skills and experience to crack the code of multi-channel analytics and optimization. Trust has the potential to reshape the playing field for startups and larger organizations by providing a comprehensive understanding of their marketing performance and spend while navigating a privacy-restricted world.

Join the Trust Waitlist

Founders, marketers, and growth leaders can join the Trust waitlist to learn more about how Trust can help their business optimize marketing investment. Trust offers analytics and a community of like-minded executives to share best practices while providing access to the Trust virtual card. With Trust, businesses can optimize their marketing spend and acquire customers more efficiently.

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