Forging Strong Relationships in Challenging Times: The Science Behind CX Forces

**Title:** The Forces of CX: How to Drive Strong Customer Relationships for Revenue Growth


Are you looking to boost your revenue growth? The decisions that customers make about brands have a direct impact on your bottom line. Customer retention, advocacy, and share of spend are crucial outcomes that organizations need to drive. But how can you achieve this?

Introducing The Forces of CX, a human-centric framework that can help you build stronger relationships with your customers. By gaining a better understanding of their functional and relational needs, you can provide experiences that truly engage and resonate with them.

At Ipsos, we are pioneers of customer experience and thought leaders in the industry. We have identified the driving forces behind customer experiences – the emotions, interactions, and values that influence their decisions. By leveraging our expertise, you can learn how to forge stronger emotional relationships, deliver exceptional experiences, and ultimately drive a true return on investment.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn how you can engage your customers, strengthen your brand, and create experiences that leave a lasting impact. Discover the forces that determine how an experience truly makes us feel, and why customers choose one brand over another.

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With every gesture and every glance, with every smile and every wave, with every swipe and every nod, and every ping and every tap, relationships are born. They evolve, they deepen, they solidify, and they shape our expectations, our experiences, and how these experiences make us feel, how they make us behave.

They are at the heart of everything we do, the core of what makes us human. And as pioneers of customer experience, as thought leaders, as fellow humans, Ipsos has identified the forces that determine how an experience really makes us feel, why we choose one brand over another, why we keep coming back for more, why we tell others about it, why we forgive when sometimes things go wrong – the forces of experience, the forces of CX.

Imagine a world where employees and customers are all treated fairly, no matter who we are and what we want to achieve, where every interaction with a brand feels clear and straightforward, where every promise made is kept, where all experiences leave us feeling reassured and with a greater sense of trust.

Where employees and customers are in the driving seat, where choices are clear and decisions are made with confidence. Imagine a world where everyone feels valued for their loyalty and worthy of special treatment, where brands, customers, and employees share the same values and feel part of a family, together making the world a better place to be – a world where experiences make us feel happy and free to enjoy the things in life that matter.

At Ipsos, we have the capabilities to identify the driving forces across every sector, every brand, and every touchpoint. We understand what matters, what you’re getting right, and where you need to do better. As global leaders in designing, measuring, and delivering value from customer experience programs, we enable you to understand what shapes your customers’ and employees’ expectations, and how to meet or even exceed them. We can help you achieve increased retention, share of spend, advocacy, and operational efficiency to deliver a strong return on your CX investment.

Customers’ decisions about brands directly impact the bottom line. Customer retention, advocacy and share of spend are crucial customer outcomes that organizations need to drive to generate revenue growth. The Forces of CX is a human-centric framework that helps organizations drive stronger relationships through a better understanding of customers’ functional and relational needs.

To learn how to engage your customers, forge stronger emotional relationships, and deliver customer experiences that drive a true return, contact us at [email protected]

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