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## **[Imran Akram – ScaleUp Lessons](**

### *What Advice Would Imran Give His Younger Self?*

In this insightful one-minute video lesson, Imran Akram, General Partner of AXA Venture Partners, shares the valuable advice he would give himself at the beginning of his investment career. Imran emphasizes the importance of caring less about what others think while making investment decisions.

[![Imran Akram – ScaleUp Lessons](](

As an investor, it is common to second-guess decisions when someone else achieves success or raises significant funds in the same industry vertical. However, Imran highlights the necessity of realizing that the investment and startup landscape are long-term games. It may take five or even ten years to truly assess whether a decision was right or wrong.

Imran’s advice extends beyond investors to founders running businesses. Success is not an overnight sprint but a journey that unfolds over several years. By adopting a patient mindset and thinking five to ten years ahead, entrepreneurs can increase their chances of achieving long-term success.

If you’re interested in gaining insights from a seasoned investor and partner at AXA Venture Partners, don’t miss this one-minute ScaleUp lesson with Imran Akram. Watch the video now!

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– [ScaleUp Lessons with Imran Akram](

Imran Akram, General Partner of AXA Venture Partners, shares a one-minute ScaleUp lesson.

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