Faber Ventures’ Summer Internship of 2016

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**Welcome to the Fiber Summer Internship – Building Innovations from Scratch!**

Are you ready to witness the transformative power of the Fiber Summer Internship? Join us on this incredible journey as we showcase the remarkable work of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, including computer science, software engineering, operations efficiency, and more.

In this video, you’ll hear from Doom, a computer science student who embarked on this life-changing experience. He delves into the unique opportunities he encountered, such as analyzing data, building a recommender system, and gaining valuable industry experience. Discover how Doom’s background in software engineering led him to explore the fascinating world of startups.

One of the highlights for Doom was the immersive atmosphere that engulfed him throughout the internship. Aspiring entrepreneurs like him often wonder how success stories like Facebook and Twitter were created from scratch. At the Fiber Summer Internship, Doom went beyond merely wondering — he lived it! Witness his enthusiasm as he portrays the thrill and satisfaction of being part of a small team transforming their ideas into a tangible product.

The Fiber Summer Internship, our most significant investment in cultivating talent in Portugal and across Europe, welcomes brilliant individuals from various fields. This second edition has brought together engineers, managers, designers, and more. Together, they have explored diverse industries, identified major problems, and devised innovative solutions that can shape the future.

Throughout the internship, the selected participants collaborate closely with portfolio CEOs, inspiring them to think differently and broaden their horizons. Every Friday, they engage in learning sessions, gaining valuable insights from experienced professionals. This process fuels their determination to redefine spending habits and solve real-world challenges.

The culmination of this incredible journey is the graduation and pitch day, where the participants present their finalized solutions to worldwide opportunities. Witness the passion and creativity as these young minds present their ideas, solidifying their entrepreneurial spirit.

This video provides a glimpse into the raw talent and unrelenting drive of the next generation. Microsoft, a proud partner in this endeavor, was astounded by the ideas and teamwork showcased by the participants. Their ability to innovate and tackle real-time challenges alongside startups is nothing short of extraordinary.

Join us in realizing the potential of exceptional people coming together. The Fiber Summer Internship opens doors for ambitious individuals who believe in the power of collaborative efforts. Become part of this transformative experience with Faber, where incredible innovations are made from scratch. The possibilities are endless.

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