Extension of agile work: 6-month extension for vulnerable individuals and parents in the private sector.

**Title:** Smart Working in the Private Sector: Extended for 6 More Months | Fragile Workers & Parents of Under-14 Kids Benefit


Are you a fragile worker or a parent with children under the age of 14? Good news! The Senate has approved an amendment extending the smart working arrangement in the private sector until December 31st. This means you can continue working remotely from the comfort of your own home for the next 6 months[^1^].

The norm, which was initially set to expire at the end of June, has been extended to provide support for vulnerable workers and parents. In the public sector, further examination is underway to determine the financial coverage for this extension[^1^].

In addition, an amendment to the current provision states that beneficiaries of the inclusion allowance with children under 14 must accept permanent job offers only if the workplace is within an 80 km radius or reachable within a two-hour commute via public transportation. The prime condition is that the work performed by the employee remains compatible with remote working arrangements[^2^].

For parents with at least one child below the age of 14, this extension provides a lifeline. It has been going on for three years, with occasional interruptions, and has sparked extensive debate. The question on everyone’s mind is whether the right to total smart working, extended by this amendment, also applies to those companies that have entered into union agreements to incorporate remote work days structurally each week[^3^].

The issue of whether this norm applies to such companies still remains unresolved. In reality, the norm was unexpectedly passed by the Senate during the discussion of the labor decree released by the Council of Ministers on May 1st[^3^].

Stay updated and take advantage of these extended smart working arrangements. Keep an eye out for the latest updates and changes in legislation that may affect your remote work situation!

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[**Source**: Senate – Approvato l’emendamento che proroga smart working nel privato](

[**Source**: Full Transcript](https://www.youtubeexampletranscriptURL)

Lavoratori fragili e genitori con figli under 14 potranno usufruire dello smart working per altri 6 mesi, almeno nel privato. Approvato dal senato l’emendamento che proroga il lavoro agile al 31 dicembre. La norma era in scadenza a fine giugno.

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