Exploring the Diverse Aspects of AI: A Panel Discussion

**[Video Title]:** Implementing AI in Corporations: Examples, Challenges, and Future Implications

**[Video Description]**

In this insightful discussion hosted by NordicNinja VC in Tokyo, Jaan Tallinn, an esteemed engineer, physicist, investor, entrepreneur, and AI expert, and Professor Yutaka Matsuo, a leading figure in global AI research, explore the practical applications of AI in corporations. They delve into real-life examples of successful AI implementations, the current technical challenges faced in the field, the importance of AI safety and alignment in development, and how AI can contribute to building a more equitable and sustainable world.

**Topics Covered:**

1. Examples of successful AI implementations in corporations
2. Companies and their groundbreaking developments in AI
3. Technical challenges encountered in AI development
4. The importance of AI safety in avoiding existential risks
5. Harnessing AI to foster a more equitable world
6. AI’s role in accelerating the transition to sustainable practices


– Jaan Tallinn: Co-founder of Skype, renowned AI expert, and advocate for existential risk research.
– Professor Yutaka Matsuo: Esteemed researcher at Tokyo University, known for his contributions in the field of AI.

**Moderator:** Rainer Sternfeld, Managing Partner at NordicNinja VC

For more information on Jaan Tallinn’s work and the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) and the Future of Life Institute, visit []( and [](

Watch the full discussion for valuable insights into the landscape of AI in corporations and its future implications.


The discussion was hosted by NordicNinja VC in Tokyo, June 2022.

The discussion covered the following:
– Examples in implementing AI in corporations
– Examples of companies and developments done with AI
– Current technical challenges of AI
– AI safety and existential risks if we don’t have alignment on AI development
– How can AI help to build a more equitable world
– How can companies use AI to help accelerate our transition to more sustainable practices

Jaan Tallinn is an engineer, physicist, investor, entrepreneur, and one of the world’s experts in AI. He is the co-founder of Skype and and file-sharing application FastTrack/Kazaa and the venture capital firm Metaplanet. He is a co-founder of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (, Future of Life Institute (, and philanthropically supports other existential risk research organisations.

Professor Yutaka Matsuo works at the University of Tokyo (UT) and he’s acknowledged as one of the leading individuals in the global AI research. He serves as the President of Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA), and is a member of the board of directors at SoftBank Group Corp.

The discussion was moderated by NordicNinja Managing Partner Rainer Sternfeld.

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