Expansion of the HCLTech and Google Cloud Generative AI partnership

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In this video, we bring you the latest updates from the stock market. Stay a step ahead with valuable insights on trading strategies, stock market trends, and investment opportunities. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced trader, we’ve got you covered.

Throughout the video, we discuss several key topics, including:
– **Indian Overseas Bank**: The asset liability management committee of the bank reviewed the base rate workings and announced a 20 DPS increase in the base rate to 9.10%. This change will be effective from June 15, 2023. [^1^]
– **HCL Tech**: We explore HCL Tech’s expanded partnership with Google Cloud, aiming to revolutionize enterprise solutions through generative artificial intelligence (AI). Discover how HCL Tech’s cloud native labs in London, Dallas, and Noida, India, will leverage Google Cloud’s AI technologies to develop innovative joint solutions. [^2^]

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[^1^]: [Indian Overseas Bank – Base Rate Increase Announcement](source-link-1)
[^2^]: [HCL Tech – Expansion of Google Cloud Partnership](source-link-2)

Stay Ahead in the Stock Market Game with the Latest News and Updates! 💼📈
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