“Europe and Q&A with Dominique Leroy – Highlights from Deutsche Telekom’s Capital Markets Day 2021 #DTCMD21”

# Achievements and Strategy of Deutsche Telekom’s European Segment

In this video, Dominique Leroy, Board Member for Europe at Deutsche Telekom, presents the achievements of the European segment since the previous CMD in 2018, the strategy, and midterm ambitions. She highlights the company’s focus on customer centricity and digitalization to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

With a strong presence in the B2C and B2B markets, Deutsche Telekom plans to scale fiber, upsell customers in fixed mobile convergence, improve customer service, and grow its digital infrastructure. The company also aims to scale agile organization and a customer-centric mindset and converge telco and ICT product in the European region.

Leroy emphasizes the importance of multi-country telecom operators in the digitization era, and how this strategy can help Deutsche Telekom achieve faster speed to market than local competitors. She reviews the financial figures of the European segment, highlighting the impressive growth potential, and the opportunities expected from EU funds and government initiatives for infrastructure rollout and digitization.

Amid the figures presented, Leroy showcases the achievements of the European segment in terms of growth, revenue, cost reduction, fiber coverage, and homes connected to the network. She concludes by expressing pride in the company’s performance and inviting viewers to download the presentation, transcript, and media releases.

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Dominique Leroy, DT’s Board member for Europe, presents the achievements since the previous CMD 2018, the strategy and midterm ambitions.

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