Erika Escolar asume el cargo de Directora de Corporate Venture en Capital Energy, una empresa líder en EMPRESA 360.

**Title:** Capital Energy Quantum: Empowering Energy Tech Innovation | Empresa 360


Welcome to Empresa 360! In this episode, we sit down with Erika Escolar to learn about Capital Energy Quantum, the venture capital vehicle of Capital Energy, a leading company in renewable energy. Capital Energy Quantum is dedicated to investing and exploring the innovation market in energy tech companies. Join us as we dive into the objectives and initiatives of Capital Energy Quantum.

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In this interview, Erika Escolar, an expert in the Energy Tech industry, unveils the vision behind Capital Energy Quantum. Capital Energy Quantum is a venture capital initiative created by Capital Energy, a renowned company dedicated to promoting renewable energies in Spain and Portugal.

Capital Energy Quantum aims to bridge the gap between innovation and the energy sector by investing in and exploring various energy tech companies. With a generous budget of €20 million, this venture capital vehicle is taking the industry by storm.

The energy tech companies in Capital Energy Quantum’s portfolio focus on various aspects, such as renewable generation, energy storage, smart grids, and customer-oriented solutions like mobility and digitalization.

By combining venture capital investment, collaboration with startups, and the creation of new businesses, Capital Energy Quantum is creating a thriving ecosystem of innovation in the energy sector.

Join us as we discuss the advantages of open innovation, the challenges entrepreneurs face, and the keys to success in the industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about cutting-edge developments in the energy tech field.

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Hablamos con Erika Escolar para conocer Capital Energy Quantum, el vehículo de venture capital de Capital Energy, empresa dedicada a las energías renovables, destinado a invertir y explorar el mercado de la innovación en compañias energy tech, es decir compañías relacionadas con el sector de la energía con una base tecnológica.

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