Eric Ver Ploeg, Managing Director of DTCP, to Speak at Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

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# Eric Ver Ploeg: Managing Director at Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners

## Presented by Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship

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Welcome to the CWU Entrepreneurship Alumni Speaker Series! In this session, we have Eric Ver Ploeg, Managing Director at Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, sharing his insights and experiences in the corporate and financial venture investment groups. Eric is an accomplished venture capitalist with a background in fintech, mobility, and the marketplace sector.

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## 🌟 About the Speaker 🌟

Eric completed his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at Case Western Reserve and went on to pursue his MBA at Stanford University. Before his venture career, he started two venture-backed companies and raised multiple rounds of funding from renowned companies such as Kleiner Perkins and JMI Equity.

The discussion will cover Eric’s career journey, the secrets of his success, and his thoughts on entrepreneurship.

## 💼 Key Takeaways 💼

– Eric’s career journey and how he reached his current position at Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners.
– Insights into the overlap of business and science in the entrepreneurial world.
– The importance of identifying megatrends and positioning oneself accordingly.
– Benefits and challenges of starting venture-backed companies.
– The transition from entrepreneurship to venture capital.
– Eric’s experience at Vantage Point Venture Partners and his role as Chairman of the Board.
– An introduction to behavioral finance-based trading and its impact on Eric’s career.
– How Eric landed his role at Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners and his responsibilities as Managing Director.

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Eric Ver Ploeg (CIT ’88)
Managing Director, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners

June 16, 2020
Presented by: Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship

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