Episode 455: Meet Takeshi Shinoda, Chairman and CEO of Aristagora Group

Welcome to the YouTube video featuring Takeshi Shinoda, the CEO of Aristagora Group. With more than 30 years of experience in investment banking and private banking, Takeshi leads a group of companies specializing in asset management, private equity, venture capital, and wealth management in Japan and Singapore.

In this video, Takeshi shares his journey and insights as the CEO of Aristagora Group. He talks about his experiences in the finance industry, including his time in investment banking and private banking. Takeshi also discusses the importance of wealth management, and how his company combines asset management, private equity, and venture capital to provide services similar to a family office.

Takeshi’s expertise and background make him a valuable resource in the finance industry. He holds a wealth of knowledge in various aspects of finance, and his insights can offer valuable information to viewers. So sit back, relax, and join us on this 20-minute journey with Takeshi Shinoda.

This video is powered by [JVentures](authoritylink1) and is made possible through a partnership with [Leumitech](authoritylink2). It is sponsored by [Hippo Insurance](authoritylink3) and [Opposed Labs](authoritylink4), with additional support from [Touring Hillel at Stanford](authoritylink5), [Leap](authoritylink6), and [CTEK](authoritylink7).

You can learn more about Takeshi Shinoda and the Aristagora Group on their official website.


Takeshi Shinoda is, based in Japan and Singapore, CEO of Aristagora Group including Asset management, Private Equity, Venture capital and Wealth management firms. He has more than 30 years of rich background in the fields of investment banking and private banking.

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