Episode 29 features Megan Reynolds, an Investor at Crane Venture Partners on the Back Yourself Show

**Title: Megan Reynolds – Investor at Crane Venture Partners | Back Yourself Show Podcast**

In this week’s episode of the Back Yourself Show, we sit down with Megan Reynolds, an investor at Crane Venture Partners. Megan shares her inspiring journey in the world of investment, starting from her university days where she studied three ancient languages and self-taught herself about finance and economics. From there, she landed her first job at Aberdeen Asset Management HK as a Public Equity Investor.

Through witnessing the phenomenal growth of tech companies, Megan’s curiosity for startups was ignited. She then joined Crowdcube as an early commercial hire, seeking out businesses in need of crowd investing. One of her notable successes includes Free Trade, a commission-free trading platform.

After her time at Crowdcube, Megan joined Crane Venture Partners from Entrepreneur First, where she led the enterprise customer development program and helped numerous technical founders shape their go-to-market strategies. This episode not only offers valuable insights into Megan’s journey as an investor but also provides dos and don’ts for companies seeking investors.

– 0:00 Introduction
– 6:15 What makes a good crowd-fundable business?
– 10:00 Megan’s big name successes
– 17:45 “Productivity: it’s not about the hours you spend, but the results you achieve”
– 20:25 Why Megan invests in companies rather than building her own
– 22:15 Understanding the role of an enterprise investor
– 27:50 Key factors Megan looks for when investing in a business
– 29:09 Uncovering the unique insight behind successful companies
– 30:30 The biggest mistake to avoid when seeking investment
– 32:15 Empowering women in enterprise roles
– 34:00 Megan’s one piece of advice
– 34:55 Top tip for aspiring venture capitalists
– 35:45 Unlocking the potential of cold emails

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This week we spoke to Megan Reynolds Investor at Crane Venture Partners. Her investing journey started while at university where she studied 3 accent languages and self taught herself about finance and economics. This led her to her first job out of university at Aberdeen Asset Management HK as a Public Equity Investor for 6 months.

Through seeing huge growth in tech companies it sparked her curiosity about startups. Megan joined Crowcube as an early commercial hire and was going out to find business that needed crowd investing. One of her big name successes is Free Trade, a trading platform that is ‘commission- free’ and for people to trade.

Then joined Crane from Entrepreneur First, a DeepTech company builder, where she led the enterprise customer development programme and helped 50+ deeply technical founders form and build their go-to-market strategy.

This episode will provide you not only the knowledge on Megan’s journey as an investor, but also information on the do’s and don’t for companies looking for investors.

0:00 Introduction

6:15 What is it that makes a good crowd fundable business?

10:00 Did you have any big name successes?

17:45 “Productivity, its not how long you have been sat in your seat, its how much you are getting done”

20:25 Why do you invest in companies, not build your own?

22:15 What is an enterprise investor?

27:50 What do you look for in a business when investing?

29:09 Earned secrets, what is the unique insight that underlines this company?

30:30 What is the biggest mistake someone can make when wanting investment?

32:15 Women in enterprise, getting more women into these roles

34:00 What is your one piece of advice?

34:55 Top tip for someone wanting to get into VC?

35:45 Cold emails, life hack

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