Episode #1: Tim Ferriss and the Enigmatic Red Chair

Check out the latest episode of The Red Chair podcast by Indico Capital Partners, featuring an intimate conversation with Tim Ferriss. Tim shares his insights and experiences as an entrepreneur and investor.

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In this episode, Tim Ferriss shares his thoughts on Portugal’s innovation ecosystem and the reasons behind his investment in Indico Capital’s fund. He also dives into what he looks for in entrepreneurs and the importance of self-awareness, concrete plans, and situational awareness. Tim’s insights provide valuable lessons for both entrepreneurs and investors.

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*This podcast episode transcript is available below.*

Tim: Great to see you!
Host: Yes, thank you so much for coming. My pleasure. Thank you.
Host: So, Tim, what brought you to Portugal in the first place? Why did you decide to invest in our fund and what made you interested in Portugal?
Tim: Portugal is interesting to me on a whole lot of levels. I’ve wanted to visit Portugal for a very, very long time. My first exposure came through travel in South America, and then I’ve lived throughout Europe, mostly in Berlin. And what I noticed is that a lot of activity seemed to be flowing into and being generated from Portugal. As the gateway to Western Europe, there seemed to be a real hub of innovation developing here. So, it just made a lot of sense to me to experiment with placing bets within the Portuguese ecosystem. Portugal represents a gateway to a broader market. It’s an exploration for me, and it was an easy decision to make.
Host: That’s great to hear. And you managed to convince your girlfriend too?
Tim: It won’t take much convincing. She’s Italian, so Portugal feels very similar to Italy. More hills and excellent coffee. She’ll feel at home here.
Host: You’ve had a long career as an entrepreneur and writer. As an investor, what do you look for in an entrepreneur?
Tim: Aside from track record, which is always helpful, I look for people who are self-aware and understand their limitations. Do they have good mentors? Can they ask for help? I want to see a concrete plan for how they will use capital and human resources to build a successful business. Self-awareness also includes situational awareness, understanding the potential pitfalls and problems that may arise. Having a specific plan and being able to execute it is crucial.
Host: That’s really insightful. And when it comes to the product or service, what do you look for?
Tim: Personally, I look for something that solves a problem I have or understand clearly. As an investor, I can easily relate to the product and be helpful in promoting it based on my own experience.
Host: Many people say talent can be found anywhere. How important is it for European entrepreneurs to tackle the US market?
Tim: It depends on the specific case. The temptation is often there to expand as quickly as possible or target the largest market. However, timing and having the right product are important factors. If you’re developing something that has already been piloted in the US, it might not make sense to compete with existing incumbents. But if you have an innovative product or service that can compete globally, then it can be the right move to tackle the US market.
Host: Thank you, Tim, for sharing your insights and experiences with us. It’s been a pleasure having you on The Red Chair podcast.

*This transcript has been edited for clarity and conciseness.*

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The Red Chair is a monthly podcast by Indico Capital Partners. At our Lisbon office, we have a couple of big red, comfortable chairs that are perfect for a close and intimate conversation. We also happen to host a lot of remarkable people who drop by for a chat. We decided to combine the two, record those conversations and now we are sharing them with you every month!

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