EP 14: Eric Boustouller – Embracing the New Normal

# Eric Boustouller Talks About Tech Trends and the Future of Work

Eric Boustouller, former head of Microsoft Western Europe and now a partner at C4 Ventures, shares his insights on the tech trends that are shaping the way we live and work. In this episode of “Welcome to the New Normal” by Powell Software, Eric discusses the management mindset required to make a successful transition to a hybrid work environment.

The pandemic accelerated the digitization process and forced companies to adopt new technologies such as video conferencing solutions, mobile devices, and network bandwidth. The foundations for these changes were already in place, but the pandemic led to their widespread adoption. Eric notes that the new normal is here to stay and that companies and employees will continue to work from both home and the office.

As a partner at C4 Ventures, Eric is involved in investing and mentoring tech companies. He discusses the themes that are impacting the future of work, including collaboration, project management, and remote HR. The legal tech industry is also booming, with innovations in search engines and employee engagement, performance management, and training.

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Keywords/tags: tech trends, future of work, hybrid work, digitization, video conferencing, collaboration, project management, remote HR, legal tech, employee engagement, performance management, training.

**Source:** [“Welcome to the New Normal” by Powell Software](

Eric Boustouller, who was head of Microsoft Western Europe until 2017, is now a partner at C4 Ventures, a leading investor in European Tech firms that are changing the way we live and work. In this episode of “Welcome to the New Normal”, eric talks about these tech trends, as well as the management mindset that will be needed to make the transition to a hybrid future a success for everyone.

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