Entrepreneurship Speaker Series Presents Eric Ver Ploeg (CIT ’88), from Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners

**Title: Eric Ver Ploeg Managing Director, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners | Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship Speaker Series**

Welcome to the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship’s speaker series featuring Eric Ver Ploeg, the Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners. In this video, Eric shares his journey in venture capitalism, discussing his career path and the secrets to his success. This session is moderated by Veale Institute’s MBA student, Bob Khurana. If you have any questions for Eric, feel free to ask them in the chat or let Bob know.

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**Video Transcript**:

[0:00] It’s great to see everyone here! My name is Michael Goldberg, Executive Director of the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship, and I am thrilled to have Eric Ver Ploeg as a speaker in our CWru Entrepreneurship Alumni Speaker Series. Today, Eric will share his insights and experiences in venture capitalism. We encourage you to ask questions and make this session as interactive as possible. Welcome!

[1:25] Hi everyone! I’m Bob Khurana, an MBA student at Weatherhead School. Today, we have with us Eric Ver Ploeg, Managing Director of DT CP and KLM. Eric is an accomplished venture capitalist with success in corporate and financial venture investment groups across various companies. He will be sharing his career journey and the secrets to his success. Let’s get started!

[2:55] Eric, can you tell us about your career journey and how you reached where you are now?

*Source: [Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship](*

Eric Ver Ploeg
Managing Director, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners

June 16, 2020
Presented by: Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship

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