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## **A Solution for Converting Text to Video using Django and API**

In this YouTube video, Anirudh from Team DataX presents a unique solution for converting text to video. He starts by demonstrating how to set up a Django app to hit an API they have built. This API can convert any URL into a video, which can then be posted on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

To ensure smooth processing, Anirudh explains that the video creation is done asynchronously from the API request. This ensures that the API is not put on hold during the video creation process.

Using Postman, Anirudh demonstrates how to obtain the URL of the desired video, extract the text, and summarize it. Using this text, they then perform a Google image search and use relevant images from platforms like Shutterstock. The collected images are then processed through machine learning models to enhance their quality and resolution.

Once the images are processed, Anirudh showcases how they apply transitional effects such as zooming in, fading in, or fading out. They also provide users with various transition options to choose from. All the processed images are concatenated to create the final video.

Not stopping there, Anirudh explains that users have the option to select different transitions and tonalities for their videos. These preferences are determined by machine learning and rule-based models. They even use a stable diffusion model to enhance selected images further.

To add an audio component to the video, they pass the summarized text through a Text-to-Speech (TTS) model, using 11 Labs and AI for the Free API in cases where 11 Labs is not applicable. These audio elements are then synced with the video.

Additionally, sentiment analysis is used to identify the tonality of the video, which helps to select appropriate background music. The final video also includes embedded subtitles in the native language.

Finally, Anirudh shares that the video creation process is fully automated. To try the solution for themselves, customers can visit their landing page and fill out a Google form. The form allows customers to provide the URL they want to convert into a video, choose from multiple languages, and specify whether they want background music. The system will automatically create and send the videos to them.

Enjoy watching the video and discovering this innovative solution!

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