Empowering Women of the Wild West: Shan Boody, Ava Pearl, Malia, Siya & More

In this video, I take you along on an exciting adventure at a Netflix office. I join Shan Boody for a unique experience on a wild west-style ranch. * Netflix Office [Source](

We learn to ride horses and even get the chance to see how horses are trained for on-screen performances. Along the way, we also get to enjoy some amazing music. * Music by Malia Vibes [TIDAL](, [SPOTIFY](, [APPLE MUSIC](

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  1. Shan Boody is the only one out there with "obvious" makeup on. She looks like she should be in a saloon scene since she's so cute. I wonder if they held a special class on what to (or not to) wear to a ranch just for her?! She is so dope out there on the set for Westworld! Amber look'n great, too. Look'n just like a a gunslinger!!! Scene 58, Take 2…

  2. Hey Amber, new subscriber here. I actually ran into your dress like a tomboy video last year sometime, but didn't know at the time that you actually had tons of videos till now. So I've been catching up on all of them plus your other youtuber friends as well. I found that all of them are very helpful and some funny, and very entertaining to watch. Witch is why I subscribed this time around when I accidentally found you again. So, with out further adue, let me say hi, and nice to kinda meet you on you tube. I'm Jessica Travis, and I have a question for ya. Could you, ava, booty, shamless and Ari please do a meet and greet here in Austin tx some time? Would love to meet and say hi to y'all. -Jessie

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