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Good morning guys it’s a new day today and i’m waking up early because i wanted to make a video and i wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about some things some things well i should be honest it’s going to be a little bit in-depth it’s not going to be Just a tiny bit of the subject it’s probably going to dive a lot into different retrospects a part of the subject just dissecting it pretty much and trying to break down the root of it as well as just giving some examples from my personal experience and Feeling like maybe some of you will be able to relate so i wanted to share my experience and see where we could go from there so today i wanted to open it with um a book well a book of proverbs and i wanted to read out of the chapter from chapter 2 um from chapter 2 verses 7 through 22. excuse me because i got a cold but like i was saying in my last video there were some things that was trying to hold me back so i just felt like i needed to just get out there so please bear with Me because i know i probably sound bad my lips stay really dry and like nothing is really working for me right now even the lip glosses they’re like just drying up and it’s kind of irritating me like with the different scents that i have so excuse me i don’t want to be gross Please forgive me i promise you it won’t be like this forever just a little pet peeve that i have with myself like with my allergies every freaking season i get allergies and get really out of hand and i get a cold so it lasts for like a few Days sometimes up to four days i’m like on my third to fourth day right now so hopefully tomorrow all of this congestion is over and i’m like good and awesome because i just want to be relaxed and i don’t want to have to go through all of this sniffling and like My nose like turning red it’s so annoying got to put the tissue in my nose to breathe and even though i can take allergy pills it just don’t seem to work so for some reason i feel like the tissue helped more which is probably not helping because it probably got Chemicals in it but i’ve been doing this since i was a kid so i don’t know a little crazy in that aspect of that idea but i use it it works for me it helps it not be all over the place but the tissue do i have to get it up constantly But anyway sorry for that long side note but i’m going to talk like i was saying from the book of proverbs chapter 2 verses 7 through 22 and i’m going to get started now it says he layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous he is a buckler to them That walk uprightly he speaketh the paths of judgment and preserveth the way of his saints then shout thou understand righteousness and judgment and equity yea every good path when wisdom interrupt into thine heart and acknowledge and knowledge sorry is pleasant until thy soul discretion shall preserve thee understand it shall Keep thee to deliver thee from the way of evil man from the man that speak of froller things who leave the paths of uprightness to walk in the ways of darkness who rejoice to do evil and delight in the frowardness of the wicked whose ways are crooked and they forward In their paths to deliver thee from the strange woman even from the stranger with flatereth with her words which forsaketh the guide of her youth and forgetteth the covenant of her god for her house inclined unto death in her paths unto the dead none that go unto Her return again neither take thy hold of the palace of life that thou mayest walk in the way of good men and keep the path of the righteous for the upright shall dwell in the land and the perfect shall remain in it but the wicked shall Be cut off from the earth and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it so that was the passage i honestly just opened the book and i had a picture somewhere in my in my bible that i had needed to get rid of and it was like there and It i don’t know like this this picture keeps popping up around different places than i am and in a house and so i guess i had more copies than i wanted to trying to send send them to someone but ended up having a lot more because i guess i got something back but Anyway um so i ended up running into that that passage and it really stood out to me and there’s even another chapter in there that goes really into depth as well about like um the good inherent in the land and stuff like that and pretty much um even though it says in the Context of the feminine context about um she and her land but i want to say that when when it’s mentioning a feminine i i believe that it’s mentioning the land of where we live currently which is the united states but i want to say that because it’s saying That a lot of people go unto her and it can mean yeah in a sense of a woman but i and it could mean be in two different ways because the parables are written in different contexts that you can personally relate to but the way that i Relate to it in the way that i’m getting from what spirit is delivering in this message is that basically when people go into um it’s go go into the united states when people come into babylon when people um go into this um really ancient place Which is um which is a little newer and as far as the colonized nice days but as far as in truth um the united states is a part of babylon as a part of really um a long part of north america has been in existence for a really long time even Before north america was north america and so um and it’s always been a place that has had rich soil where people has wanted to travel to it’s always been free um since the beginning of times and so uh well since the beginning of time since his existence um it’s always been A place that people can come to and find themselves as far as being free spirit and as far as being able to do what they wanted to do without anyone pretty much pressing up on them as much um to change their ways they didn’t feel like they were stuck really much in a Religious context and that’s how it is even now a lot of people are are spiritual or maybe don’t or have a different belief which um can relate to a different kind of spirit as far as being in connection with something else or whatever be it whatever it be i’m hoping that it’s of Good but um not everybody is until the light so we’re gonna just say they’re connected to some type of spirit because even evil entities have spirits and so anyway um people come here and they’re able to practice different things and find beliefs and different things and It’s okay and but they get caught up because of so much things that’s out there it takes away their attention from what they should be paying attention to which is being in connection with light being in connection with self being focused on self and growing self and Focus on those around you focus on how you can…

**Rewritten video description:**

Welcome to a new day! In this video, I want to dive into a deep discussion about various subjects, offering insights and personal experiences that I hope you’ll relate to. Today, I’ll start by reading a passage from the Book of Proverbs (Chapter 2, verses 7-22). Please bear with me as I’m dealing with a cold, which is making it challenging for me to speak clearly. But don’t worry, this congestion won’t last forever!

Now, let’s explore the wisdom in these verses. It speaks of the importance of sound judgment, perseverance, and righteousness. The passage warns against the allure of evil and the distractions that prevent us from focusing on our inner selves. It also touches upon the significance of the feminine context, which I interpret as a metaphor for the United States and its rich history of freedom and exploration.

The United States has long been a place where individuals can find spiritual freedom, unbound by rigid religious contexts. It has offered opportunities for people to discover their true selves and pursue their beliefs without external interference. However, amidst the abundance of distractions, many lose sight of the importance of self-growth and connection with the light within.

So, in this video, let’s redirect our attention to the fundamental aspects of self-discovery, personal growth, and connecting with the positive forces around us. Let’s focus on nurturing our souls and understanding the path of righteousness. By doing so, we can navigate through the challenges and temptations that may hinder our journey towards self-realization and a meaningful life.

Join me as we explore these topics together and strive to live in alignment with our true selves. Remember, by being aware of our spiritual connection, we can create a positive impact not only on our lives but also on those around us.

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