Driving Sustainable Agri-Food Systems with The Yield Lab Europe

# The Future of Agri-food Tech: Creating Sustainable Global Food Systems

As the world’s population continues to grow and the climate crisis becomes increasingly urgent, the challenge of producing more food using less resources becomes more daunting. At Yield Lab Europe, we invest in early stage agri-food tech companies who are tackling these issues head on.

Our business activities are centered around impact, and in 2022, we made significant progress towards creating more sustainable agri-food systems. Carbon space remotely measured the carbon footprint of over 3 million hectares of land, Aerovan software was used to more efficiently farm over 11 million hectares, and Micron Agritech reduced parasite medication dosing in over 11,000 livestock.

We are committed to driving innovation and making a positive impact on the environment and society. Contact us to learn more about how you can join us in creating a more sustainable future for global food systems.

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_This video is inspired by the impact of Yield Lab Europe’s investment in agri-food tech companies. To learn more about the importance of sustainable food systems, check out [The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations](

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