Draper Esprit Goes Public on Euronext Dublin

**Title: Celebrating the Growth and Expansion of Draper Esprit on Euronext Main Market**

In this exciting video, Nicola McClafferty, Partner at Draper Esprit, along with Edel Coen, Head of Dealflow, and Philip O’Reilly, Head of Deal Execution, will ring the closing bell to mark the first day of trading on the regulated market of Euronext in Dublin. Draper Esprit, a venture capital investment company specializing in acquiring stakes in companies in the recovery phase, has witnessed tremendous growth and success.

[Draper Esprit]( has seen its portfolio value reach an impressive GBP 657.3 million as of March 2020[^1^]. This outstanding achievement has positioned Draper Esprit as a key player in the venture capital industry in Europe. The company now supports 67 individual companies, including renowned category leaders such as Graphcore, UiPath, and Trustpilot[^1^]. This expansion showcases the scale and ambition of Draper Esprit’s business, enabling them to invest more in the best companies across Europe.

With a vision to become the leading venture capital business in Europe, Draper Esprit is thrilled to be listing on Euronext Main Market today. This move will provide them with the opportunity to bring in more capital and expertise to support early-stage and high-growth European technology companies[^1^]. As part of a team that is backing the next generation of European tech leaders, Draper Esprit is excited to contribute to the advancement and innovation in the tech industry.

Join us as we celebrate Draper Esprit’s success and witness the next step on their scaling journey by listing on Euronext Main Market.

[Watch the video](link-to-the-video) now and be inspired by the growth and potential of European technology companies.

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[^1^]: [Draper Esprit](

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Nicola McClafferty, Partner, Edel Coen, Head of Dealflow and Philip O’Reilly, Head of Deal Execution, at Draper Esprit closes the trading day in Dublin.

Draper Esprit plc is a venture capital investment company specializing in acquiring stakes in companies in recovery phase. At the end of March 2020, the portfolio amounted, in market value, to GBP 657.3 million.

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